MV Drumline Jerseys


Marching Vlogs

Project Category:

Illustration and Apparel Production

Project Summary:

In lieu of the cancellation of the 2020 DCI season due to the peak of Covid-19 hitting just before summer started, Sergio Bravo, founder of Marching Vlogs, began brainstorming a way to have some sort of "season" where the most talented performers in Southern California could come together and perform a musical production. He was able to coordinate a project "for the marching community, by the marching community," and the MV Drumline project involved some of the brightest creative minds in the music production and content creation fields.

I was commissioned to design a soccer jersey for the MV Drumline which were to be used for all of the recording sessions for the content they were producing, as well as for the last live streaming session they would hold in order to fundraise money for a local food bank. The jersey was composed with sponsor logos in mind, and the back design was customized for each performer. All graphics were printed onto polyester soccer jerseys with plastisol ink.