Pulse Percussion Jerseys - 2018


Pulse Percussion

Project Category:

Illustration and Apparel Production

Project Summary:

Pulse Percussion is a prestigious, award-winning percussion ensemble hailing from Westminster, CA that competes on a national level. I was approached by some of the members in the ensemble who wanted jerseys made to commemorate their 2018 season.

For inspiration, I drew from some of the preexisting imagery and mock-ups done for the show floor and props being used for Pulse’s 2018 production, “Guarded.” The show used music by band "Son Lux" to tell a story of the consequences of being reserved and putting up walls that make it difficult for people to see your true nature. Since the eclipse imagery had proven to be so strong in the marketing for the show leading up to the design of the jerseys, I decided to make this a primary component of the design.