Seek and You Shall Find


Chino Hills Percussion Ensemble

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The Chino Hills High School Percussion Ensemble is an incredibly successful percussion program hailing from Chino Hills, California. They compete both locally and nationally, travelling as far as Dayton, Ohio for the WGI World Championship Finals where they have been incredibly successful in the past few years.

I was commissioned to create a graphic that was to be digitally printed on t-shirts for the members, parents, and fans of Chino Hills’ 2018 Winter production entitled “Seek and You Shall Find.” The show featured tons of imagery relating to compasses, maps, and lights to guide one’s way, and we borrowed from a lot of that to create artwork that was connected to the show theme. By layering a few different pieces of light-weight line art as well elements of a map, I was able to create a dimensional piece of artwork with depth and color.

As I mentioned before, the shirts were digitally printed, allowing us to break free of the 5-6 color limit imposed by the traditional printing process. This was pivotal in allowing us to create the layered, multi-plane look in the final artwork.