Wonderland - Printed Drum Heads


Ayala Band and Colorguard

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The Ayala Band and Colorguard is a nationally-renowned and award-winning marching music ensemble hailing from Chino Hills, CA.

I was commissioned to design bass drum heads for the 2019 Fall program entitled “Wonderland.” Due to the nature of the marching bass drum, the musicians only face one head towards the audience at any given moment. In the first half of the show, the players faced the darker, grey head towards the audience to be consistent with the darker, more sinister sounding part of the production. During the second half, which is brighter in color and more upbeat in musical selection, the bass drummers turn and face the colored head towards the audience.

This color change allows the bass drums to contribute to the general effect of the show. We produced this bass drum head in conjunction with popular drum head company, Remo Inc.